Restaurant Review: Gloria Pizza

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gloria pizza

Rating: ★★★☆☆

On Queens Blvd, by the movie theater in Forest Hills sits this little pizza shop. I’ve seen this physical location transition a few times, it’s most recent life prior to this one was a pet shop, and now it’s a pizza place. It was ok for an after school snack with my son. I fondly remember how much I used to love going for a dollar slice after school when I was a kid, that tasty pizza sauce, the thick, melty cheese, oooooh, heaven! But it’s just not the same anymore, pizza hardly ever tastes as good as it did back then, and sadly, like many others before it, this place was no exception to that statement. It was just “ok”, nothing out of this world, just a regular slice of pizza. For something quick it will do, no different than any of the other spots in the city. Same old standard. Seems that these days when it comes to pizza this is the recurring theme, it was just “ok”. What’s a big boy that loves pizza gotta do these days to get a slice of pizza that even remotely compares to that one dollar slice I used to get in 170th street in the Bronx back in the 80’s? *sheds a tear*

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