The onion "c*nt" call go too far?

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So everyone is going in on the onion about them calling 9 year old Quvenzhané Wallis a c*nt on twitter. I know the world wants to know my thoughts on this. Am I right?

Hmm? Well, normally I’d say this is b.s. and you over sensitive dweebs need to stop being such cry babies.

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Honestly, I am really sick and tired of all the politically correct b.s being rammed down our throats. Some of it doesn’t even make sense. It’s terribly annoying to have to call a murderer an “unauthorized life extractor”. *sarcasm*

In this case though since it is a child, I think it is definitely not cool. I have no idea who this kid is, so I cannot speak for the child’s personality traits, but that term “c*nt” is not one that should be used loosely. Certainly not in the describing of a young child to such a huge audience.

Do I care for all the whining on twitter about it? Not really, but only because these are the same people that would be whining if somebody swatted a fly at the oscars.

“Sir that is a living creature, you must allow it to nest on your head as it wishes so that it may continue its circle of life cycle.”

Fack out of here with that crap! But wrong is wrong, and I gotta call it here, the onion, ya’ll done messed up. I wonder who’s taking the heat internally for that one. Oops!

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