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Today I went to Maze with my wife and a few friends. We arrive around 630pm, and we were told our entire party should be here before we could be seated. Yeah Kenny, that’s you bro. LOL. My wife and our bud sat down at The London Bar and had a few drinks. I got some specialty drink, the first one on the menu, this thing was super powerful.

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The waitress asked me what I thought about it, I told her it was ridiculously powerful and that I could not drink this because I was working very early tomorrow. She offered to “water” it down for me. I asked to please do so. After a little teasing she took the drink and went back to the bar. After some time she returned.

Later on she came back when my bud finally showed up and she saw I hadn’t touched the drink, I told her it was too strong. She offered to get me another drink, perhaps something without alcohol, I agreed, she brought me this daquiri grapefruit based drink, it was really good.

My buddy Kenny offered to pay for our drinks because he was so late, after some debating we accepted. LOL. Thanks Kenny. The waitress came over and said “myself and the bartender have decided that you cannot come out drinking with us” and she walked away. A few moments later she returned and said “ok, we decided you can come with us as the designated driver”.. ├é┬áHehehe.. She was funny, everyone goofed on me a bit over that..

Come on guys, I’m a responsible adult, I have to work tomorrow. That being said, this place is not cheap, so bring some money, lol…

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